Andrea R. Cooper

Thorns & Blood - Book 1

Forthcoming October 2017


Bounty-hunter... Witch...Magic on the fritz.

Reagan's job was simple- capture supernaturals and collect the reward. Even with a cross-heritage of witch and wizard, it paid the bills until a magic-slurping creature interfered in the chase. Arrested by the magical-control authorities and wrongly accused, Reagan faces a death sentence unless she completes a mission for her accusers.

But nothing is ever straightforward when it comes to the Unseelie Realm, especially a search and rescue.

No one enters the Fae world and returns—alive anyway.

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Writing as Cheri Winters  

a New Urban Fantasy series  Thorns & Blood

Blood Lust - Book 2 Thorns & Blood series

Caught between two worlds…yet never fully belonging to either

Half-vampire, Dani has lived her life bordering between two worlds. Trained by her Native American vampire father, she hunts rogue vampires that don’t obey the law of consent on drinking blood.

Now she’s babysitting a witch whose magic is on the fritz and whose bounty-hunting assignments have all but dried up. The two are becoming friends, something Dani never thought would happen.

When a desperate order comes in to annihilate an island of vampires who are kidnapping women, Dani jumps at the chance to bring these criminals to justice.

But can she save the victims without becoming one herself?